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Are you interested in becoming a more spiritual person but you don’t consider yourself “religious”? Are there aspects of your childhood religious tradition that you cherish but most of it no longer works for you? Are you longing for spiritual growth? Journeying with a Spiritual Counselor can offer support and important validation.

Nancy has over 35 years’ experience in offering guidance, understanding and a safe place to explore what is these questions. She has a unique ability to listen and then assist you in discovering ways of deepening your spirituality.

In addition she is a Jungian-orientated psychotherapist, Reiki master, gifted clairvoyant and registered nurse (retired). She has experience in hospice as both a nurse and a chaplain and loves working with dreams and is very interested in wholeness for body, mind and spirit.

                                                                       For an appointment call Nancy at 303-775-9074


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Her office is located at 713 3rd Ave, Longmont, CO 80501. Contact Nancy for a consultation via phone at:    (303) 775-9074   or via email at:  sacredworksinfo@gmail.com

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