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NancyT-2013Nancy Trottner is a spiritual midwife. Using a variety of psychological and spiritual tools, Nancy will help YOU answer that big, burning question:

“Why am I really here?”

Nancy is an RN and a certified spiritual guide, psychotherapist, and Reiki master. She has over 30 years experience working with individuals who struggle to answer that question or who simply want to find more meaning in their life.

She specializes in areas relating to meaning, particularly those related to illness, major transitions, and one’s spiritual path. Her background is in Jungian psychotherapy, RN, spiritual direction, Reiki, dream work, and energy work.

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Nancy is committed to helping you discover inner resources and an ability to discover what you really value. The result is a renewed sense of purpose and direction for their lives. She is committed to assisting you in this discovery.

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Her office is located at 713 3rd Ave, Longmont, CO 80501. Contact Nancy for a consultation
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