Meet Nancy Trottner

NancyTrottnerSacredWorksI am very happy to announce the continuation of the work I love in my new location in Longmont, CO. From the time I was very young I had a strong inclination toward both healing and spirituality. My earliest desire was to become a nun (or a seal trainer!) Having chosen the former, I became a nurse and was a member of a Franciscan community for about 18 years. My professional background began with psychiatric nursing but I became increasingly interested in the spiritual dimensions of illness and its impact on one’s life journey. I left nursing and completed a Masters in Spirituality (Creation Centered Spirituality). Later I completed training to be a certified spiritual director. I began seeing clients privately and studying Jungian psychology with its attentiveness to the unconscious and the trans-personal aspects of the human journey. I studied dream work and worked on my own dreams with Jungians. This cemented my “metaphor seeking” inclinations as I explored the deeper questions with clients about meaning, transformation and spirituality.

The fruit of this exploration resulted in a realization that the religious/church and medical paradigms  could not longer address the growing consciousness I was experiencing regarding my notions of the Divine and healing. My own dreams and health concerns led me through this dark time to new meaning.

Throughout this time, I continued with a small private practice, and in 2002, returned to nursing. This time I had the privilege of being a hospice nurse. As I cared for patients and families I learned more about the spirituality of illness. The soul work that is possible even in a very brief time inspired me and reinforced my belief in our basic spiritual nature. I saw clear connections between healing (not necessarily curing) and spirituality. We are, after all, spiritual beings on a human journey.

More recently I have focused on my private practice where I specialize in areas related to meaning, especially in areas related to illness, major transitions and one’s spiritual path. My experience and training as a psychotherapist, spiritual guide, Reiki master and hospice nurse are the sources from which I draw. I use dream work, art, guided imagery, spiritual guidance to help facilitate this process of coming to wholeness. I see myself as a “Spiritual Midwife”.

I am available to individual sessions, ongoing groups (spirituality, dreams), informal presentations, lectures and lecture series and weekend workshops or retreats.

I can be reached by email: