Energy Tools (I, II, III)

Are you feeling overwhelmed?…uncomfortably sensitive to all that is happening in the world right now? Do you feel like you take on what’s going on with other people?  Then this class is for you!

Come play in the realm of energy and learn to manage what is happening with you. In a series of three classes you will learn tools for managing energy. Each class builds on the previous one.

Classes will be held at 713 Third Avenue, Longmont (Mountain Spirit Healing Arts) from 7-9 pm on Wednesday, February 15, Wednesday March 1, and Wednesday March 15. 

Sign up for all three classes ($100) and save $20 or focus on an individual class at $40 each. Seating is limited so sign up and reserve your place using Paypal through the buttons below.

All 3 Energy Tools Classes

This series of classes is designed to explore sensitivity to energy and ways to manage it without diminishing who you are. We will play with concrete ways to increase protection, bringing a deeper connection with the truth of who you are as a sensitive human being!

Save $20






Energy Tools Class I

In Class I we will be playing in the world of energy. You will learn to build your own Grounding Cord in your personal space. You will discover the fundamentals of managing your connection to Mother Earth and discover the uses and purpose for the Grounding Cord.

Energy Tools Class II

In class II you will begin to learn to run energy (Earth and Cosmic) and direct its flow to bring about balance in your field. We will begin to explore the aura and the ways it can be kept clear. (Some knowledge of Class I will be helpful)

Energy Tools Class III

In class III you will learn effective tools for protecting your personal space. We will explore ways of monitoring your personal space, removing unwanted energies that are not yours in order to fill in with more of who you are.  (Some knowledge of Classes I & II will be helpful.)