blood orange

In this blog post I’d like to tell you about a client success story.

Dreams offer metaphors to confirm that we’re on the right path. Gaining a sense of Validation from within reassures the dreamer that they will feel safe upon arrival and feel comfortable with the decisions they have made. Such was the case for a woman who found herself in a quandary about the path she should take. She had a dream in which she was blocked from continuing on a sidewalk around a lake. She decides that she will not wait for it to reopen but to wade across the water instead. There is nothing uncomfortable, dangerous, or frightening about the swim across the blood-orange water. Upon arrival, she notices that the sidewalk has reopened and considers feeling “stupid” for not waiting, but doesn’t. As we explored the dream she realized that the “usual” path for her was closed. Instead, she followed her instincts to navigate across the lake. Her ability to swim underwater and “go deeper” is affirmed in the dream. She smiles and says she feels validated for her choices to be true to herself and to risk exploring the depths along the way. She was validated from within by the dream. 

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