Dreams and their meaning

dreamingDo you ever wonder what your dreams mean? Do you wake in the night, puzzled and curious? Dreams have been a subject of fascination from the beginning of time.Their language is metaphorical, symbolic. Their only agenda is for our wholeness.

Let me give you an example: One evening I was in a particularly crabby mood. I found myself arguing with everything my husband said and knew I would pick a fight if I continued like this. I didn’t want to fight so decided to just go to bed. The next morning I was amazed to remember the following very short dream: I dreamed that I needed OPEN HEART surgery!

You see how the dream is encouraging me to “open my heart” by using the phrase that I needed “open heart surgery”? That’s how dreams communicate to us, by speaking in metaphor. The reason that I knew that I didn’t need to call a cardiologist was twofold: 1) because of the context of the dream (my being irritable and “closed hearted” with my husband) and 2) I knew that dreams are not literal.

So I learned a great deal about what I needed to do to be more whole in a very concrete way through this dream.

Now you may be thinking, “That’s fine for you because you have studied dreams for years and interpreted many of them. What about me? How am I supposed to know what this all means?” Three things to remember:

1. Think symbolically

2. Make  list of your associations to primary nouns in the dream. (ie, in my dream I would ask: what do I think of when I think of “heart”?)

3. What is the context in which the dream happens? (ie in my dream, the irritability with my husband)

Dreams are always changing and updating to fit your circumstances. Stay tuned and happy dreaming.

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 Nancy Trottner, RN, MA brings an excitement about dream work to her lively workshops. She is a Jungian orientated psychotherapist and spiritual director with 30 years of experience working with dreams.